QuantumImprint #PROCJAM2014

Record game actions, play them back!

Dynamic record/playback implementation of the cloning mechanics I used in Quantum Pliot [https://itunes.apple.com/app/id935956154 ], inspired by Kenta Cho's DefeatMe. Use this library to record game events and play them back later, like when making clones that imitate a player.

Sample implementation in imprint.computer-pidgin records the player's cursor position & color each frame. When the player clicks, the program begins playback, painting the same position & color where the player drew.


  1. Include Script:
  2. Create your Imprintable: var mouseInfo = {"category" : "painter"}; //set the info hash to useful meta-data for playback createImprintable("mouse", mouseInfo);
  3. Record Actions: imprint("mouse", {"x" : mouse.x, "y" : mouse.y, "color" : currentColor, "radius" : 5});
  4. Create a Record from your Imprint: createRecordFromImprint("mouse");
  5. Implement playback function called by imprint.js: function playbackRecordedImprint(info, actions, timeIndex, timeDirection) { if (info["category"] === "painter") { doMyGameUpdateFunction(actions); } else { doGameUpdateFunctionForNonPainters(actions); //use the info hash however you want } } }
  6. Playback Records: playbackRecords(); //iterates through records playbackRecordedImprint(info, actions, timeIndex, timeDirection) {
  7. Rewind, recompile, relive.

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